• We are very privileged to live in stunning Highland Perthshire. It is natural and wild and we are committed to do what we can to help maintain this for now and generations to come.
  • We recycle as much as we can. Perth and Kinross have a great curb side recycling scheme where we can recycle most things. That means anything in your rooms like newspapers you leave behind we will place into the blue recycling bin.
  • Our website should cover everything you need to know about our guest house and with links to interesting places to visits and things to do, you can research the area without having to ask for printed literature. We always communicate by email / phone to help reduce the use of paper. However, we are given brochures and leaflets for interesting places to visit with maps that we can hand out when you arrive.
  • We love our Victorian house and its character. As we upgrade we are always looking for ways to conserve the energy we use. Sometimes compromising on character and services we provide to become more efficient and reduce our impact on the environment. We hope you agree.
  • We use low energy or LED lighting in our rooms. We try to ensure electrical appliances are not left on standby; please help us too by turning off any electrical devices you bring with you and your room lighting.
  • If your room is too warm please turn the thermostatic valve down on the radiators to reduce the heat. We would really appreciate you didn’t open windows and leave the radiators on.
  • Please help us to keep water consumption to reasonable levels.  Our drainage system is quite old so please do not flush anything other than the minimum amount of toilet paper. Please do not flush face wipes or sanitary wear as they are really bad for the environment.
  • We choose not to supply individual toiletries due to the wastage in packaging. Which is why we supply toiletries that can be used by all our guests. They are not to be taken from your room.
  • You are welcome to have your sheets and covers changed every three days. We prefer to only wash bedding if absolutely necessary and will normally change bedding if requested.   We wish to prevent the unnecessary washing of towels. Leave your towels in the bath/shower, we will gladly change them. Leave your towels elsewhere, you are happy to re-use them.
  • Reducing food waste is particularly important to us.  Having worked in large scale catering for 26 years, the amount of food wastage we have seen is shocking.  This is why we do a pre-order breakfast.   It allows us to prepare the right amount of food to serve our guests with very little waste.  It works perfectly and our food waste bins are little used.    We also try to use local suppliers and producers wherever possible to help support them and minimise transportation.
  • We have a long way to go to be completely ‘green’ but we do try our best to reduce our environmental footprint.  We hope that this policy demonstrates our commitment and that you will appreciate what we are trying to achieve and why.

Jason & Nathalie McNamara

Last reviewed November 2019